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The Thalatta Experience

Living and working on board Thalatta introduces young people to a simpler way of life, where the days follow a tried and tested routine.

Waking up in another world

We dress and tie the hammocks up out of the way, and get the table ready for breakfast. 

Thalatta Early Morning
Thalatta Breakfast Time Ketchup


There’s cereal and a hot cooked breakfast, and we all eat together.

Deck duties after breakfast

Down below they wash up and sweep out the hold. Up on deck we scrub and polish.

Scrubbing the decks
Anchor Winding
Hauling the sails up

Winding up the anchor, setting the sails

Working together, we wind up the anchor and haul on ropes to set the sail.


Taking a turn on the wheel

We keep to the course set by the Skipper.

Lunch at last

We’re pretty hungry after the morning’s hard work!

Lunch On Deck

We sail down the coast

Going with the tide, and with everything set, we make good time.

Brailing up the mainsail

We’re nearly at our destination.

Brailing up the mainsail

Stowing the foresail

Once the anchor is dropped, we neatly stow everything away.

We take a trip ashore…

We go ashore in the barge boats, Jane and John.

A Trip Ashore

… and we might have a swim

It’s pretty cold, but refreshing!

Back on board, we pull the boats up

We pull Jane and John up on their davits. 


Then there’s some free time

We play card games and practice some knots. 

We’re pretty hungry by dinner time

It’s all gone in about ten minutes!


In the evening we write in the log books

We plot where we sailed and write about what we saw.

We read for a while, then it’s lights out

Everyone is pretty tired, so it’s not long before we’re all asleep. 

In the hammocks