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Our Sponsors

The Trust is greatly indebted to the many sponsors who have supported it over the years, both through the Restoration Project and also when operational. A list of names is given here, headed by the Heritage Lottery Fund, but thereafter in alphabetical order.

Heritage Lottery Fund
Alliance Insurance Management
Aspall Cyder
Astor Foundation
BAA Stansted
Bernard Sunley Charitable Trust
Bridge Housing Trust
Charles Wentworth
Drapers Charitable Foundation
Dulverton Trust
East of England COOP
Essex Heritage Trust
Fan Makers
Felix Lodge 2371
Felixstowe Master Mariners’ Club
Foyle Foundation
Fred Olsen Travel Ltd
Garfield Weston Foundation
Girdlers’ Co Charitable Foundation
Harold Ambrose
Hervey Benham Trust
Holliday Foundation
John Herbert
Leslie Mary Carter Charitable Trust
Lions Club Southend
Lions Club Maldon
Little Britain Challenge
Lodge of Prudence 338
Marcus Flint
Martha MCGilda Trust
Martyn Lodge No 1983
Netherby Trust
Peacock Charitable Trust
Peter Harrison Foundation
Prudence Lodge
R & J Gardner Trust
Rayleigh Lions
Rufford Maurice Laing
SS Uganda Trust
SR and PH Southall Charitable Foundation
William Openshaw Street Charitable Trust
29th May 1961 Charitable Trust