Sailing with the RNIB

Thalatta welcomed aboard her first partially-sighted and blind crew in 1985. A group of staff and clients from the Royal National Institute for the Blind Rehabilitation Centre in Torquay came aboard for 5 days. The RNIB staff noticed increased self-confidence and mobility skills in their clients after the voyage. A comment from one of the RNIB ‘trainee’ crew members;

 A very sincere thank you to the crew of Thalatta. I must admit that at my ripe old age of 51 I had a degree of trepidation on approaching the gangplank! However the warmth of welcome, and the high sprits and obvious excitement of the younger ones soon got me involved in it all – again, many thanks.

Standing behind the trainee crew members are Jane Benham (Mate) and Elizabeth Whitelam (3rd Hand).