Thalatta sold to John Kemp for £1500

Thalatta was sold to John Kemp for the sum of £1500 on January 30th, 1967. She was bought as a replacement to the Memory, who had completed two seasons as a schoolship with John Kemp as Skipper and Jane Benham as mate. By the end of 1966 it had become clear that the Memory was no longer in good enough condition to continue with this work. The gear from the Memory was transferred to Thalatta to re-rig her as a mulie (boom and gaff mizzen with spritsail main). She retained the quarterboards which raised the height of her rails aft. Her hold was converted into accommodation with twelve hammocks for the schoolchildren and Thalatta began her new career in educational study and adventure cruises, with a contract from the London Borough of Redbridge.

Before passing into the hands of John Kemp, Thalatta had one final job for her previous owner, R. & W. Pauls; to scatter the ashes of her last professional skipper in trade, Fred Roberts, on the Orwell.